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The Owners of Eleven Madison Park Are Opening a Fast-Casual Restaurant

The Owners of Eleven Madison Park Are Opening a Fast-Casual Restaurant

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Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, owners of Eleven Madison Park, are opening a fast-casual restaurant called Made Nice

Can’t afford the pricey $225 per plate but still want to try chef Humm’s food? You’re in good company.

The fast-casual bubble is still growing and has now stretched to include affordable versions of haute cuisine.From the team that brought you Eleven Madison Park, one of the most prestigious, three Michelin-starred culinary destinations in New York City comes a new fast-casual concept: Made Nice. With chef and restaurateur Daniel Humm and Will Guidara at the helm of this upcoming fast food experiment, the selections will likely be more than just “nice.”

Made Nice, a counter-service restaurant focusing on seasonal vegetables, grains, proteins, and starches served on stoneware, will open near Eleven Madison Park in the Flatiron District in 2016. According to The Wall Street Journal, dishes will range from $10 to $15, a far cry and hefty bite from the $225 per plate at Eleven Madison Park (a whopping new price category, announced in conjunction with the restaurant’s decision to get rid of tipping).

“Maybe we’ll have a dish focused on cucumbers,” Humm told the Journal. “Maybe it’s grilled cucumbers, potato salad, salmon and some greens.”

Chef Humm is not the only restaurateur in the gourmet sphere with an eye on the fast food industry. After all, Americans spend approximately $117 billion on fast food annually, according to data from Fast Food Marketing. Earlier this year, we announced that José Andrés and Peter Chang also opened fast-casual restaurants.

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