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Tort Sweethearts

Tort Sweethearts

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leaf : Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt, add the sugar until you get a meringue, then the yolks and oil. Sift flour and cocoa and incorporate them into the egg mixture. Bake over medium heat in a large skillet lined with baking paper for about 25 minutes.

Leave to cool in the tray and cut with the help of a shape three circles with a diameter of 14 cm.

Cream : Beat the cream until you get the whipped cream and add the powdered sugar. If you use whipped cream, there is no need to add powdered sugar, as it is already sweet. Then mix with lemon curd. The cream obtained is quite strong and it was not necessary to add gelatin, it settled very well on the cake sheet.

Lemon curd : the recipe will be presented separately

flux : Hydrate the gelatin with water and put it in Bain-Marie until it is perfectly melted. Add honey and cocoa butter (margarine) and mix. Sift the powdered sugar and place it in a larger bowl over which we pour the previously mixed ingredients. Homogenize and start kneading. If we get a softer paste, we add more powdered sugar. The consistency should be like plasticine. I left it in the fridge for 1 hour, after which I used it for this cake.

Assembly: Place a sheet of cake and syrup it with whiskey cream. Place half of the cream and level. I had an after eight type chocolate with mint. I divided it in two and put it on the grater. Half of the amount I put it over the lemon cream. I placed on top of the second sheet, also syrupy, followed by the remaining cream and the second half of grated chocolate. I placed the last sheet on the counter and covered the cake with sugar paste. From what I have left I formed small beads that I put at the base of the cake. For decoration I used heart ornaments and from royal icing I outlined some crazy hearts.

I hope you don’t

Half my Age Plus SevenToo Good to be True - is
the sequel to the companion romance novel with the subtitle A Sinful

A contemporary inspirational romance with many key points:

  • Older women have the right to love younger boys
  • Men from Mars can learn the Venusian language
  • Men are not all alike, neither are women
  • A good man is hard to find
  • Love is letting go of fear
  • Love is all you need
  • Love is beautiful
  • Love is oxygen
  • Love is darkness
  • Love hurts
  • Love is never enough
  • Love is the power
  • Nothing is too good to be true
  • Love has no ending

A love inspired romance and a rhapsody of love and hope. Only for the

Drefan is a sensitive and sensible person,
committed and wise, loving and funny. He knows when to speak and when to stay
silent. The ideal man for many women on the planet. Tara plunges body and soul
into a perfectly imperfect union. Bliss, sacrifice, consistency. A doubt
torments her: Is it too good to be true?

A telephone ringing. "It's not me." To roar. Oblivion. Thousands of
miles away.

“I am sorry… Come back to me. The world is empty without you. My queen
please. ”

Teardrops. Perfidy. Tremendous loss.

“So, so tired. I want to go home. ”

"I thought I was your home?"

“Who are you? I don't know you. ”

Dysfunctional families with unfit parents and abuse
are more common than we think. Children, women, and men are
emotionally abused every minute. Women who love too much suffer in silence and
break inside. A romance novel with twisted tales and romantic suspense.

My name is Beatrix, but you may call me Bea. I’m 40, single, and
utterly alone in this world.
One day, in the
middle of May, I was walking on an empty alley in a park enjoying the beautiful
colors of mother nature. A child was moving among the flowers. I stopped and
looked around, but there was no other human than the little one. I didn’t know
what to do so I took the phone to call 112. Suddenly, the child spotted me and
started to run in my direction speaking words I couldn’t understand until she
got very close. "Mummy, mummy, where were you?"

A nurse came invited the visitors to leave. Dara cried when Ray
took her away. "I want to sleep with Mummy," she screamed. The desperation in
her voice made my heart bleed. Ray didn’t regain his health yet, so he fumbled
and almost fell. I begged Dara to calm down.

"But I want to stay with you," she cried.

“Me too, sweetheart. There is nothing in this entire world I would
like most. But I’ll come home soon. ”

"Promise?" she said with hope.

While my father was lecturing me, I heard the sound of the whip hitting the poor animal who made a terrible jump upfront from pain. I closed my eyes for a second to hold back my tears. I felt the power of the strike on my back, and I shouted as loud as I could, "Stop, please, STOOOP, you are hurting him."

My father grabbed my hand again and forced me to walk with him on the other side of the cart, away from my uncle who was saying to my father in disgust, “You have a very weird child, Giuseppe, not that the others were different . I have never seen anything like that. I pity you. ”

My father ignored him and tried to reason with me, “Cristinuza, this is madness. He's just an animal. They don't have souls. ”

I was sobbing in despair, “Who told you they don’t have souls? But what does it matter? He’s made of flesh and bones just like us! When someone hits you, you feel pain. It's the same for them. It hurts, Papa, it hurts. The body suffers, not the soul. You know that. ”

“You useless immigrants, coming to the hospital for every headache to spend our money,” she hissed through her teeth while pressing with force on my abdomen.

I screamed in pain. The look she gave me froze the blood in my veins. I was convinced she’ll kill me with the stethoscope.

“Get up and go pay the ticket. Tell me your name and date of birth, ”she shouted.

“Cristina G., 14 November 1975,” I murmured more dead than alive.

“Hmm. Today is your birthday. Instead of celebrating you came here wasting my time. ”

True to fact stories about people cursed by geography and discriminated by design. Communism, immigration, discrimination and abuse.

Ceausescu kept his nation in total darkness and indigence. Children were sent to work the land to pay the debts the dictator made. Women are encouraged to remain pregnant as often as possible. Then December of 1989 comes, and the communist leaders were shot dead on Christmas day. The country went into chaos. Freedom was not as people expected. The rich industry disintegrated at once. Schools were closed, forests were denuded… With faces covered in tears, we kissed our elderly parents and abandoned everything we knew on the pursuit of any future. Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, was our main destination. However, Italians were not happy, and the hell continued. We are humans without identity. Humans of inferior birth.

10 Things about relationships that can only be learned through suffering

Anyone who engages in a relationship does so with the intention that it is good and that it works. And in this will to establish a good relationship, it is natural and also essential for each to try to adapt to the other and to the common life. Often, this adaptation can be confused with shortcomings that do not meet the needs of a relationship and can be practical that have negative consequences.

These painful lessons we learn throughout life and relationships cannot always be passed on in one way: we must experience them in order to truly understand how harmful they can be, and from there take a life lesson.

How do you know that a behavior can be bad or that you are following a path that could cause you problems soon enough? Sexologist and psychiatrist Lelah Monteiro summarizes: “Any relationship, whether of parents and children, spouses, professionals or even friendships, which brings me more illusions than achievements, more suffering than joy, isolation more than socialization, these are harmful implications “.

Here are some of the most learned lessons about relationships after you've experienced them:

1. Don't move away from friends

This can be the most common lesson in relationships. However, many people do not realize or claim that they do not see this happening and this is not a good idea. Friends are expected to strive to understand that when someone is involved or in love, it is natural for social moments to diminish and to enjoy that feeling to the fullest.

But the responsibility to get closer, most of the time, falls on the person who meets, because she is the one who stops moving away or does not have time. Relationships work, but friendships remain. It is important to always keep this in mind. Even if friends understand a departure, they cannot be expected to remain faithful to the friendship if they do not receive more attention.

The psychoanalyst explains Lelah Monteiro, “a rule when I move away from my family or friends, than to enjoy being with each other, to be my partner, who starts the ring me or someone else because of it. This is a path that can lead you into isolation and keep you away from what you love very much. "If you left friends because your partner asked, get out of it as soon as possible. Preventing social life will not be never an attitude of love.

Testimony: "I had a friend who moved away from me when he started a new relationship. He went so far as to hide that he was with me while he was holding his friend on the phone. She was going to be my daughter's godmother. , but with her unfriendly behavior, she lost her job.Daiane, 35 years old.

2. People will leave

It is necessary to understand that no matter how much you plan, give and invest in a relationship, it can always end. No promise or responsibility can prevent the severance of ties if the relationship does not go well. Therefore, accepting that life has its cycles and that you will not want to be with you forever is the key to learning about the dynamics of life and relationships.

Sometimes the involvement is so great that you do not accept a termination or you are too hurt by the separation because you never thought it could happen. It is always important to remember that people get involved, but there is no guarantee that this involvement will be eternal.

3. Don't give up on your path

This is a complex subject, after all, if there is a relationship, is not it to build a life together? Of course you do. This is set up in a problem when they choose their path, not because you really want to follow the other, but because your partner needs or finds that he deserves more than you. Lelah Monteiro suggests that you always ask yourself, "How much do I want to thank the other person for forgetting about me and my life plans?"

If you have thought of your plans as a college, a profession or even a dream of having children, for example, you could be very frustrated if you ever get caught and do not pursue your dreams. The feeling of wasting time and disloyalty can be overwhelming.

Testimonies: "After the separation, my ex-husband suggested that I return to the city where he lives with our son, making sure I had financial assistance (the city is much more expensive) and housing. I stopped my projects, my "I gave up the house and accepted the offer. After a month of change, I was evacuated from the apartment by his family and I ended up postponing the ways I presented earlier." Michele, 33 years old.

4. Always observe your partner

Relationships must be constantly cultivated and nurtured. Even if everything seems to be fine, you should not lose your focus. Watching, listening and investing time in your partner (and him in you) is a job that needs to be routine and considered very important. There may be a lack of time and attention devoted to the other and many relationships end because there has been no such care. Even if it is inadvertently, when he realizes that it may be too late to solve.

Testimony: "I spent time without being interested in my husband. He always complained and I thought I loved him. After a while, I realized that I really had no desire for him, the relationship was more rather a friendship and I kept the fear of losing. The problem is that I made him very sad for a long time, sorry. "Sônia, 56 years old.

5. Lack of sex can be a problem

When it comes to a couple who have always had a bad sex life, it is not usually a problem when sex is rare. But when your desire is greater or less than the other's, if it is permanent, it can bring great discomfort in the relationship. Although not all in a relationship, sex is still an important part, an indication that there is still affection, interest and attraction. It takes effort to keep this aspect of the relationship always healthy and for this, it is best to bet on open communication.

6. No need to insist

Running, running backwards, insisting on dating, never works when it comes to loving business. It is useless to ask for love or a relationship if the other is not in the same state. There is no point in earning a promised love. You are most likely to be crushed and humiliated. According to psychoanalyst Lelah Monteiro, the reflection that needs to be made is "what fixed ideas of reality insist when we have demonstrations that this is not the way or the person?".

Insistence can also not be a good choice when the relationship is not satisfactory. Without forgetting that each relationship goes through ups and downs, it is important to understand the limits of these periods. If it's been too long since the relationship is unhappy, it's time to examine whether it's worth it.

7. Monitoring the other's life does not prevent betrayal

Keeping it above a person does not prevent betrayal. Betrayal happens because of insecurity, love or other various problems, not because there is simply room for it. Uncertain uncertainties cause you to waste time and energy, to waste yourself unnecessarily, and you can aggravate the situation with so much disagreement and suffocation.

Testimony: "I had a very jealous relationship, more on my side, and it taught me a lot about trust. Searching for anything on my cell phone or computer that could be a sign of betrayal turned my life into hell every day. This has caused me a lot of trauma, and even though I was "up", I was betrayed in the same way.

8. Sweethearts are gone, personality remains sunrise Divergent business will always appear in relationships, even in more balanced couples. Over time, it is normal and even expected that each will fit in with the other, including changing ideas and perspectives.

What could be a problem is when a person slowly gives their opinions and wishes, stop doing activities that were routine or change your principles just to avoid conflicts and please their partner. Depending on the degree of omission, the relationship can be wrong and when you really want to express yourself, maybe there is no room for that. When such a relationship ends, a strong sense of insecurity can arise.

9. Do not submit to abusive relationships

What each of them considers the relationship to be abusive is variable. But there are certain limits that can go unnoticed in someone who is in love or very emotionally involved. Physical or verbal violence, excessive jealousy or control of their activities are strong indications of an abusive relationship.

In the hope that the relationship will improve or the other will change their behavior, many people will find themselves in such a relationship. This is always a very painful lesson and that is why it should serve for life.

The greatest lesson that can be learned through life is that everyone makes mistakes and that these mistakes live great teachings. But in order to learn from mistakes and grow in the face of an obstacle it is necessary, first of all, to be able to visualize and take failures. If it is the other way around and the responsibility for the problems is always attributed to the other, you may miss a good opportunity to understand and improve future relationships.

The lessons that can be learned in relationships are always renewed. With each new connection it is possible to improve and better understand how people live and relate. Take advantage of our advice and you can avoid making your lessons too painful.

Baby Shower: A Practical Guide For You To Organize Your Mothers Pregnancy

The formation of a family is accompanied by various rituals, either during marriage or during pregnancy. And in this regard, a bride or mother-tends to worry about such holidays, so everything is lived intensely and is recorded with great affection and appreciation in her own memory and those around her.

The baby shower is one of those rites that accompany the gestation period and is required to celebrate (sometimes even announce) the arrival of the new family member. request

lots of care and love, baby shower allows mothers to share with those who love the joy of pregnancy and also start early to create memories of your son or daughter.

But how to organize an unforgettable shower for you, your guests and even your little one? Check out some tips and ideas to help you in this mission, as well as to fill your eyes and heart. The instructions are from the event consultant, Raquel Nunes.

How to organize a fun baby shower

The party organization has several stages and how many things to set and run behind is difficult to know where to start. Although there is no set rule, this is a basic roadmap for making a full and fun baby shower:

  1. Defining a theme and a general decorative line
  2. Make the customer list
  3. Defining the location and date
  4. Choose the menu
  5. Send invitations
  6. Choose the details of the decor
  7. Define the games
  8. Offer souvenirs

In addition to these steps, there are some details that deserve attention. See below for more tips on the above points to hit each other and make you successful.

Themes and decorations that need to be inspired

From a defined theme, it is easier to make decisions and organize all the details in a harmonious way. Check out some tips to help you with the theme of the tea and, consequently, with the following points of the celebration.

Pink is a darling girl expecting pregnant women and, despite the fact that it is widely used, it can generate a different creation, like the mother of the imagination, with the delicacy of the guarantee demanding the occasion.

It is possible to use only color as a theme by investing in pink elements in the decor and even in food. Tablecloths, a cake and pink candy are enough to set the tone for the party. Balloons can also be a good application.

For something more elaborate, you can combine pink over any color or theme, adding more color or character, such as teddy bears or dancers. There is also the option to invest in items that relate to the child, such as clothes, bottles and diapers.

It is also worth remembering that color should not necessarily be worn at girls' parties. In pastel tone, combined with the baby blue or mint forms a neutral and very delicate environment. In a darker shade than pink, it can be accompanied by other strong tones, such as oranges, to give joy and fun to any party.


The same goes for blue, the color is not limited to the parts for boys and allows different types of decorative lines. You can refer to the sky in a space theme or balloon, princess dress, fairy or the color of the cars and the seabed.

Combining colors or elements from another theme, the color blue is also in high demand in its different shades. Lighter blue brings delicacy, while navy blue can bring elegance, combined with white or fun, combined with another striking color like yellow.


To get rid of the traditional pink and blue, green is an easy and versatile option. It is possible to vary in shades, always remembering to maintain the delicacy in the environment, green-green, green-green and mint are a good application.


Another alternative is yellow, which brings joy to any party. Combined with vivid colors, the space conveys warmth and fun, with gray, the space becomes delicate and elegant. It is also possible to bet on bees that bring both fun and subtlety.


With the theme of animals, you can create and vary a lot, after all, you can choose a single animal or you can invest in a group of animals, something like farmland, seabed or forests. So, if you want to pursue something in this regard, you just have to master your creativity and let go all the way.

Navy or sailor theme is a fun and stylish option at the same time. It is up to the mother to decide whether the decoration will be more delicate or more striking.

The colors are white, blue and red, but it is possible to change the color tones. In the decoration, you can invest in sailor hats, life buoys, knots and ropes, ships, sea waves and many stripes.

Princess or Prince

Every mother sees her baby as a princess or a little prince, so this can be a good theme for a baby shower. You can bet on a base of color combined with gold, to give an air of royalty, and also in crowns, with the same intention.

Another idea is to use a cartoon character or movie, such as Disney Princesses or Little Prince.

List of guests and guests

Making a guest list is not easy, but consider two main factors: your budget and with whom you want to share this moment of your life so striking. By thinking about it, you can choose who you really want on your side at the party and control your expenses.

Paper shower invitations for children are usually not too big, so it is essential to be direct and enjoy the space. As for the model, choose one that connects with the decorative line of the party and translates the delicacy of the occasion. You can also email the invitation, create a Facebook event, make a phone call, or visit in person.

About to put the essential information is the date, time and place of the party, but in addition, it is common to add the "name" of the party and the specifics taken the child as the theme or costume (if any) and the gift suggestion. It is also a good idea to add a contact to confirm your presence.

Be sure to send invitations at least two weeks in advance to guests to arrange to attend and purchase a possible gift.

Here are some tips and inspirations for baby shower invitations.

Date and place

At the chosen date, it is advisable to carry tea around 37 weeks of pregnancy, so that the abdomen is already well on the screen to the delight of guests, but also the possibility of resolving the baby is shorter than in weeks. closest to the end of the gestation period.

already on the site, it all depends on the style of the party and the number of visitors, but worth the building hall of the house room and the mother's garden. Also, think about how the food and guests will be arranged, if tables or sofas will be placed, if dishes and cutlery and other things are needed.

The party is one, so although it seems like a lot of thinking, everything can revolve around a single line. Think about the type of party you want to have (something more intimate, something elegant, something fun.) And build the rest based on your desire.

Eaten and drunk


When it comes to food, there are some classic options that everyone likes and expects to meet at parties. Snacks and mini sandwiches come on this list and can be ordered from a buffet or homemade.

Remember to consider the type of salt and the temperature at which they will be served. If the party takes place on a warmer day, a good tip is to bet on fresh snacks.

Healthy snacks

One type of menu that has been successful is the one with a healthy footprint. You can invest in whole-grain snacks, giving preference to ripe, salty juices and ripe fruit desserts. Two simple, delicious and super beautiful ideas are the berry and the popsicle fruit salad.

Real Food

In addition to snacking, you can offer a more "full" meal, such as lunch or dinner. Think about the details of the party (whether it's hot or cold, party time, the taste of your customers) and do not miss thinking about something democratic and classic, barbecue, Stroganoff beef and risotto are good choices.


When choosing drinks, try to think about the type of party you want, choosing to serve or non-alcoholic drinks, will be heated or cold drinks, prepared drinks or more "basic" drinks. your customers' profile also account in the decision.

To get a note of whimsical sophistication, in order to serve, create a personalized party glass, invest in fun straw or glass dispensers that leave the drink at the disposal of guests in an elegant way.


Even if you choose a healthier menu, sweets are an essential part of a baby shower or children's celebration. A good choice are the classics: Brigadier, kiss, truffles. But again, you need to look at the type of party you are organizing, what your customer profile is, and for what period the party will take place.

The theme can also help when choosing the menu, it is possible to think about foods based on it or that combine visually with the decoration.

Diaper cake: how to make and inspirations

Diaper cake is a great choice to compose the table of delicacies and treats, it is literally party face and it is very easy to make. In addition, you can reuse cake diapers later and also do a competition to see which guest reaches the number of diapers used on the cake.

With all these advantages, you won't be able to make your own diaper cake, will you? Check out the following step by step two types of diaper cake to make from tea:

This cake is made by placing the diapers in the same way they are on the side of the package. Although you need a larger number of diapers to make, you will not have the duty to wrap them and the end effect is great!

Already this cake model is made with rolled diapers and most commonly in baby showers. To do this you will need to wrap the diapers one by one, but the process is simple. In addition, you will need to invest in a ribbon to wrap them and form the shape of the cake.

After learning how to make these two models at home, here are some inspirations to decorate and add even more charm to diaper cake, cakes and other formats to activate creativity:

Check out other tips and inspiration on diaper cake here.

Activities and games

The game is an important part of the baby shower, but it also depends on the style of party you want.

If you think the game is a good idea to entertain guests and encourage the baby shower, here are some suggestions:

  • Guess this: this game is quite traditional in children's showers and is very simple to put into practice. The expectant mother must try to guess what and who is present. Whether they will have gifts or not depends on you.
  • Bingo: bingo will require a bit more work, it will be necessary to provide bingo cards and pens for guests, in addition to bingo itself to perform the draw of numbers, but in any case, they are simple things, and an idea that is sure to excite their tea. How big is the belly - simple, cheap and fun. This game is light and an excellent choice for those who are looking for a quieter activity, for tea. "Guests cut a piece of string or tape that they imagined to be the same as a pregnant belly. can not be measured in pregnant women must be in the "olhômetro". The one who struck takes a toast. "Rachel teaches event consulting.
  • How many diapers there on the cake :? If you bet on the diaper cake, you can make another sweepstake style. Your guests should kick the amount of diapers they think were used to make the cake. Those who hit or approach can win a treatment, and those who stay can afford a gift.
  • Body customization: acest lucru este mai mult o activitate decât un joc, dar poate genera, de asemenea distracție ori. Este pentru a permite oaspeților să personalizați alb pentru copilul bodys dvs. pentru a obține unic și plin de căldură și piese whimsy. Puteți investi în diferite nuanțe de cerneală și dimensiuni ale corpului. O idee bună este de a oferi matrițe (șabloane) pentru a facilita activitatea oaspetilor.
  • Baby-sitter: "Alegeți unii oaspeți să se joace cu. Pune un fel de sticle de băutură în oaspete să aibă cel mai rapid câștigă. „, Sugerează Rachel. Puteți găsi jocuri pentru toți oaspeții să participe împreună la activitățile pe care părinții participă numai, sau doar bărbați sau femei . varietatea este imens.
  • Cadouri Potrivit expertului Raquel Nunes, lista de dorințe va depinde de tipul de partid. „Setarea tipului de cadou pe care doriți să primiți este foarte important pentru copilul duș, acestea vor fi doar scutece și produse de igienă, sau includ totul de la copil layette. Cine alege să primească produsele layette poate face o glumă de divinație a prezentului. "

Dacă alegeți să primiți numai scutece pe care trebuie să acorde o atenție la dimensiune, de obicei, dimensiunea scutec cel mai utilizat este M, încercați să creați o diviziune printre oaspeții pentru a putea folosi scutece câștigat fără deșeuri.

Pentru cei care caută să obțină mai mult de scutece, aici sunt unele elemente pentru a include în lista:

  • Baie Săpun
  • șampon
  • prosoape perie de păr kit de manichiura
  • ulei de corp de protecție solară
  • umezit batista de bumbac
  • Talc crema pentru scutec erupții cutanate
  • Termometru Dropper
  • Umidificator inhalator
  • pad pentru
  • alăptarea Ia
  • lapte umerașe dădaca
  • Exchange
  • praștie pat joc
  • Mosquito Manta
  • Corp Ciorapi general
  • papuceii salopetă pentru antena produse alimentare pentru copii
  • teether mobil Jucării
  • sunt, de asemenea, cei care preferă să plece oaspeții cu cadouri. Lista este doar un mod de organizare și spune ceea ce vrei să câștigi, nu o impunere. Depinde de dvs. să decideți cum preferați să rezolvați această problemă.
  • suveniruri
  • suveniruri sunt un deliciu pentru oaspeții dumneavoastră și mai mult o modalitate de a face o petrecere de neuitat. Lista consultantului Raquel idei, cum ar fi: personalizate și cutii, umplute cu bomboane sau săpunuri parfumuri parfumate cu câteva informații despre temă variante personalizate de mediu cutii de carton personalizate, cu săpunuri sau jeleuri sticle pentru bebeluși, sticle sau sticle născut bine . Pentru a lovit alegerea ia în considerare subiectul și profilul de invitatii, tratează sau lucruri utile și drăguț sunt de opțiuni specifice.

Despre cantitățile, expertul dă indiciu de pariuri chiar mai mare decât numărul de confirmat, astfel încât nu există riscul de a pierde sau a fi mult stânga. „Eu prefer să fac suma de favoruri, cu o creștere de 20% a numărului de clienți.“, Spune el.

Puteți alege pentru a face favoruri le sau ordine cu unele artizan sau glazură. Există, de asemenea, mai multe opțiuni de suveniruri pentru a cumpara on-line, aici sunt câteva:

Coroana acrilica pentru R $ ora 2.30 Elo7

Marmitinha personalizate prin R $ 1.15 Elo7

Sachet căpșuni parfumate pentru $ 6,50 în Elo7

Săpun cărucior pentru $ 6.90 în Elo7

Kit bârfă parfumat și personalizate (11 unități) pentru R $ 37.90 in Elo7

Mini hidratant personalizat de R $ 3.50 în sticle personalizate Elo7

Suport pentru ceașcă suvenir pentru $ 3,96 în Elo7

plic parfumat R $ 3.49 în Elo7

Aflați mai multe despre favoruri de duș pentru copii și pentru a găsi mai multe inspirație pentru dvs. acest link.

inspirație în plus pentru

tau copil dus Vezi mai multe fotografii de la dusuri pentru copii și inspirat de a organiza și decora dvs.:

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