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Pickled gogons

Pickled gogons

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Choose healthy goggles in different sizes and wash them. The roots are washed, cleaned and cut after preparation (rounds, cubes, strips). The celery and sour cherry leaves are also washed with running water.

For two 5 l jars, boil five liters of solution (4 water + 1 vinegar) in which 5 tablespoons of salt and 15 of sugar are added. After boiling, leave to cool a little.

Meanwhile, the gogonelas (optionally pricked with a needle, toothpick) are placed in the jar together with the roots, pepper, leaves and garlic in an order related to the aesthetic or practical taste of the chef.

Pour the solution into jars and make up in the first hours if it drops a little.

The advice and experience of the cook. The artistic part is related to the culinary art, the amateurs follow especially the taste.

p.s This recipe guarantees a quick pickling

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