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The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia Combines History With Modern Comforts

The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia Combines History With Modern Comforts

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Chef Richard Sandoval's Latin-fusion Aquimero restaurant anchors the hotel lobby

The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia

In the very heart of Philadelphia, the Ritz-Carlton offers guests a mix of luxury and history. The building, inspired by the Pantheon in Rome, was constructed with 9,000 tons of marble, between 1904 and 1908 for the Girard Trust Bank, and then several other financial institutions. In 2000, it was opened as the Ritz-Carlton.

The hotel sits opposite the southwestern side of Philadelphia’s City Hall, and is just blocks from several theaters and retail stores. The hotel has 301 guest rooms, a spa, meeting rooms, a ballroom, and a branch of the Ritz Kids program (which encourages kids to explore the sights and sounds of the hotel). Guests can also upgrade their visit with Club Lounge access. Located on the 30th floor in what was once the Girard Trust’s executive boardroom, the lounge is home to a dedicated concierge, and offers guests a place to relax, read the newspaper, play board games, or enjoy the food and drink that is available almost any time of day.

The real culinary draw at the hotel, though, is Aqimero, a Latin-fusion restaurant in the lobby, from chef Richard Sandoval. There is a raw bar, a selection of seafood and meats from the wood-burning grill, specialties including lobster tacos with black bean purée (pictured), cauliflower steak with lime crema, and organic chicken in adobo with Mexican corn.

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