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Dessert cheesecake with khaki jelly

Dessert cheesecake with khaki jelly

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We prepare a tray with removable walls, we cover it with baking paper or food foil on the edge.

In a bowl, mix the biscuit powder with the butter and mix until smooth

Add to the pan and press lightly with a spoon. Let cool while we prepare the cream.

Mix whipped cream with sour cream and powdered sugar until it becomes a firm cream. Add the mascarpone that we will mix for 1 minute, gelatin prepared according to the instructions on the envelope.

Mix until smooth.

Add over the biscuits, level and let cool for 3 hours.

We wash the khaki jelly-fruits and peel them (I left them with the peel), cut them into cubes, sprinkle them with lemon juice, add the powdered sugar and pass them with the vertical blender or the blender.

We prepare the gelatin according to the instructions on the envelope, we leave it for a few seconds and then we add it over the persimmon puree, we mix it well and then we pour it over the cream.

Let cool again (preferably overnight)

Carefully unfold the shape and decorate as you like.