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Zacusca with pumpkin (quick version)

Zacusca with pumpkin (quick version)

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A big light bulb came on for a title from "", QUICK VARIATION OF ZACUSCA, wooow! ... how can one like this !?
For me, who likes to eat zacusca but I have an irremediable laziness to do it, I said to myself like Ion Creanga when he drew the puppet: "Shut up, lelita, because I lined you". Said and done! (proof is the pictures;)).
Now I have to tell you that I haven't always liked pumpkins.
I tested several dishes with or without sour cream, with or without meat, in the oven or on the stove ... I didn't train with anything.
Too bad for me! :) It is a cheap and handy vegetable.
Being offended by this topic, I said to make another effort.
That being said, now that I have finished it and tasted it, I can honestly tell you that I liked it, I did not taste the zucchini but the ripe vegetables.
You will definitely like it and I recommend you to try it.
The big advantage is that it is not made with much oil and the vegetables are baked in the oven.
The very bad news is that only two 430 g jars came out. I don't know what to do, for. as if I put several vegetables at once
and they load the tray too much, they will not bake well and will boil in their juice.
I have a big oven and therefore a roomy tray, I could do it once and a half at each turn.
I can't tell you more, than it has to be done, it's good and cheap, but the queen remains the eggplant :)

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