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Chicken and turkey meatballs

Chicken and turkey meatballs

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We wash the meat well. Add cold water over the meat with three more fingers and put it to boil over high heat.

When it starts to boil and we have foam, we remove it from time to time. Add the vegetables and spices, salt, pepper, bay leaves and simmer until cooked through and the meat comes off the bones easily.

I also added a capsicum because I really like it. It didn't color my juice because I boiled it over low heat. If you don't like it, you can omit the pepper.

After cooking the meat and vegetables, remove and leave to cool. Cut the cold meat and place it in the bowls after I have placed the pieces of carrot and capsicum strips.

When the juice is warm (not hot) put the crushed garlic and let it cool well.

After the juice has cooled, we strain it and put it in the bowls and let it cool, protected from frost.

Beef meatballs

Beef meatballs


Preparation: Beef meatballs

Wash the meat and put it in a high pan, add as much cold water as the meat to contain 3-4 cm more than the meat level. Also now we put a teaspoon of salt, which contributes to the formation of foam, otherwise the whitish juice will come out. We do not put the bowl on the fire now, but we leave it aside for another 20 minutes. The idea is for the gelatin to come out of the meat gradually and in as much quantity as possible.
It is boiled: - the whole secret is to boil not on low heat, but on very low heat. We will easily remove the foam with the foamer. We put a few peppercorns and a clove of garlic when it first boils. Let it boil for about 3 hours, covered with a lid, but placed on one side of the pan.
The meatball is boiled when the meat comes off the bones easily and the soup has dropped. When we take a drop of juice between our fingers, it will be sticky.
We will know for sure when it is ready by doing the test - otherwise it is not possible - by putting a little juice in a plate that we cool when it is not firm, we will boil it. We strained the juice through strainers. Add the rest of the garlic, pepper and salt to taste.
We prepare the shapes, ie bowls, deep plates, pans each according to preference :) where we put the meat over which we pour the water strained from the meat.

Chicken wing meatballs

The chicken wings are boiled in the water in which the whole vegetables and spices were placed.

then simmer for about 30-40 minutes.

Remove the wings from the juice, allow to cool and clean the bones.

Grind the garlic and add it to the juice in which the wings were boiled.

The gelatine is soaked according to the instructions on the package and added to the juice.

Chicken and turkey meatballs - Recipes

In fact, in the northern part of Moldova (I do not know how it will be in the rest of the country) it is not said cock meatballs but colds. Colds and so on (if it is cock), without any other specification. The separation is clear: the meatball is pork, the colds are poultry, and only if another winged one intervenes in the pot, they become, as the case may be, of goose or of turkey (there are not many colds from other birds). However, the favorite of colds remains the old rooster. Maybe because, in addition to being the most gelatinous chicken, it's his word Shepherd, "You had to make him a jerk, because he's not good at anything else". For the same reason, not knowing how to make colds, the French use it for rooster with wine, but that's, of course, another discussion.

Okay, going back to our meatballs, it's time to note that for these delicious colds we need

1 venerable rooster,
2 onions,
garlic according to taste (the quantity also depends on the garlic technique, we will talk later)
boabe de pepper,

plus, absolutely optional (some love them in this preparation, others say a decided one)

1 celery,
1 carrot big.

Oh, and if you like firmer chills (or you have doubts about the age of the rooster), than to put gelatin, better add to your shopping list

1 calf leg (bottom)

The rooster, cleaned and cut, is boiled, together with the optional foot, in enough water to cover the meat with 2-3 sides of the palm. Salt, put a few whole peppercorns, bring to a boil, froth well and let everything boil over low heat (so that the juice remains as clear as possible). After about two hours, add the onions, cleaned but whole, plus any vegetables (still cleaned, still whole). When the flesh comes off the bone and the juice has become sticky, it is called ready.

How can you be sure? Well, take some juice, put it in the fridge and if, after a few minutes, it hardens properly, you can put out the fire.

Remove the meat, debone it and put it back in the juice, so that it does not dry out and darken. As for the garlic, there are two options (I would say go for the second one): either put it chopped in the juice and wait a little longer, to let it taste, or crush it lightly, with the knife blade, and- put it in the strainer through which the juice will pass on its way to the bowls. You can put more garlic, because the juice will first take the flavor, and the colds will be finer and more elegant.

As for the final part, there is the simple option (distribute the meat evenly in containers, strain the juice over it and put everything in the fridge), but also the meticulous option. That is, first pour a thin layer of juice on the bottom of the bowls, put in the fridge to harden, remove after about half an hour and decorate as you like: with slices of eggs, boiled carrots, donuts, parsley leaves, etc. Some pour a thin protective layer over the decoration and wait for it to set, others put the meat directly, strain the juice and that's it.

Serve the colds, especially the decorated ones, overturned on plates / trays, after you have degreased them and put the bowls in boiling water for a few seconds. If it is a normal meal, I recommend eating them with polenta, because the cold-hot combination greatly enhances the flavor of this dish. But if it's a festive meal, where the meatballs / colds are just an appetizer, among other things, then it might not hurt to prepare a sauce. I would recommend a cream rubbed with horseradish, but of course I can't force you.

As for the wine for the old rooster, then definitely white, dry and not too fragrant. Maybe Aligoté (especially if the garlic got its nose in the way), maybe an Italian Riesling, maybe & # 8230 Well, but I'm sure you've already caught the idea.

Chicken and turkey meatballs - Recipes

Preparation time: 2 h

Ingredient: Goose or turkey meat, an onion, salt, garlic.
Home delivery! Great to buy the ingredients for this recipe!

Method of preparation: Wash the meat and boil it with plenty of water (pass four fingers over the meat), add an onion and simmer over low heat. Remove the foam and after an hour add salt. When the meat comes off the bones, take a little juice, let it cool and, if it sticks to the fingers, the meatball is ready. Place the boned meat on plates, plates and bowls. Strain the juice, leave to cool, remove the fat, add the garlic sauce, mix, then place over the meat.

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Chicken and turkey meatballs - Recipes

When you have a child of almost 7 years and a 6-month-old baby, it is clear that there is not much time to spend in the kitchen, so I try to prepare quick recipes like this. From the series what to cook good, but which not to take us too long we prepared chicken with green beans in the oven today. It is prepared quickly and can be an ideal dukan recipe for dinner or lunch.

Phase: Cruise (PL), Consolidation, Final Stabilization

Nutritional scale: starting Tuesday


-4-5 chicken drumsticks (without skin)

Maria Dragomiroiu, strange culinary tastes!

Thus, viewers will find out on this occasion that the beloved singer of folk music is a great lover of chicken and turkey claws, which she eats with great pleasure, whenever she has the opportunity.

"I like to eat claws. I've been eating since I was little. I make meatballs out of them, which work a miracle, or I fry them until they become crispy and then soak them in the sauce ',confessed Maria Dragomiroiu.

What other unknown things about Maria Dragomiroiu will be said, viewers will find out tonight, in a new edition of the show "Here I am the star", presented by Dan Bittman.

To see more pictures with the singer's nieces, open the photo gallery above!

Turkey meat - how to prepare

Among the dishes known in Romanian cuisine is piftia. It is preferred for its strong garlic taste and gelatinous appearance.

Step 1: Wash the turkey wings and necks well, then boil them in two liters of water.

Step 2: After the turkey pieces start to boil, take the foam. It is very important that the meatball has a clear juice.

Step 3: Add the vegetables, pepper, bay leaves and a teaspoon of salt to the pot.

Step 4: After the vegetables have boiled, remove them from the pot. The same is done with the meat after it has boiled and come off the bone.

Step 5: Remove the pot from the heat. Grind and add the garlic to the juice in which the turkey wings and necks were boiled.

Step 6: Taste the juice and after you have found that it is salty enough, strain it.

Step 7: Cut the meat into pieces.

Turkey meatball recipe


- 1.5 kg of bird (various pieces - back, thighs, neck, etc.)

- 2-3 cloves of crushed garlic

Method of preparation:

1. Peel the meat and select the pieces of meat that are good for meatballs. Meanwhile, put water on the fire, bring to a boil.

2. When the water starts to boil, add the pieces of meat in the following order: first the head and the claws, then the rest of the pieces in turn. If you put them all at once, the juice will come out cloudy.

3. Put a teaspoon of salt from the beginning, because it helps to harden the foam. It must be taken from the surface of the liquid and discarded until it does not form at all, just like in chicken soup, for example. When the foam no longer forms, add the garlic and bay leaves to taste. Some people add some vegetables in this phase, but it is not mandatory, it depends on whether you like the flavor they give or not.

4. Boil the meatballs for a few hours (3-4) on low heat, then remove the claws and head (which is thrown away) and place the pieces of meat in plates or bowls.

5. Now you need to check if the juice cools well. First, clean the fat, then put a few drops in a plate. If it cools well in the cold, it means that the meatball is good. In this case, set aside the pot and leave it to clear, then pour the juice over the meat. If it does not thicken, it must be put on the fire, to give a few boils. Add garlic to taste. The juice must be strained before being poured over the meat. Leave it to cool, to thicken.

Note: if the meatball does not clot at all, you will need to use commercial gelatin to save it. The amount of gelatin depends on the amount of juice obtained: 7-8 g per half liter of liquid. It must be dissolved in water and added to the hot soup, but not boiling, set aside on the fire, then it must be mixed until it is well incorporated.

It is not very complicated to do turkey meatballs, you just have to have enough time to boil the juice properly. Will you try our recipe?

Turkey meatball recipe for Christmas meal


3 kg turkey meat (with bone)
10 cloves of garlic
1 onion
1 carrot
1 celery
3 bay leaves
peppercorns and salt

Method of preparation: Boil the turkey meat (chops, wings, wings, back) until foam begins to form, then remove the turkey pieces and discard the water. Wash the pot and the turkey meat, then put it in the pot, together with the water. Bring to the boil again as foam forms on top. Continue to froth until no more foam is formed. Add the onion and whole celery and the carrots cut in half, then the peppercorns, bay leaves and salt. Leave everything to boil until the turkey meat comes off the bone easily.

Remove the meat and vegetables from the soup. Turn off the heat and leave to cool for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile, put the garlic in a blender with a little water and mix until you get a homogeneous paste. Pour the garlic paste over the soup, mix well and leave it for 15 minutes to better catch the garlic flavor.

Cut the meat into small pieces and chop the cooked vegetables, then you can put them together in containers. Pour the soup over it, which you have to strain to get a clear liquid. To taste, you can add a little more salt & icircn soup. Place the containers with cold turkey meatballs in the refrigerator until gelatin is formed.


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